Dance Temple ~ Women’s Circle & Ecstatic Dance Training 

Women have been gathering in circles to dance, pray and heal since the beginning of time and many of us are feeling the call to return and reclaiming the art of sacred circle.

This training will provide you with foundational tools and skills for you to be able to create your own ecstatic dance circles.

Supporting you in becoming a facilitator that meets your circles sisters with reverence, understanding and respect; while learning how to facilitate your circles from a space of authenticity, divine intuition, grace, and ease.

This training is rooted in three main principles:

1 - Deepening your own personal connection to the divine feminine and your body through movement

2 - Learning the art of creating and holding safe sacred circles

3 - Gaining the basic dj facilitator skills to curate ecstatic dance journeys that leave you and your circle sisters feeling recharged, inspired and connected.

*Prerequisite for this training is to have a consistent conscious dance practice for a minimum of 1 year*

Training overview 

Part 1 

Women’s Circle Facilitator Training - Foundations Level

Module 1 - Stepping into the Circle


In this module we will cover:

  • Overview of Women’s Centered spirituality and history
  • Explore the definition and history of sacred circles 

Module 2 - In Search of the Goddess 

  • Nurture your divine feminine through daily meditation practices and self-care rituals
  • Learning how to invoking the Goddess through movement for daily support and creative inspiration

Module 3 - Living the Path 

  • Define the roll of facilitator & explore how to create sacred space in an authentic, non-judgement, and responsible way
  • We will cover women’s circle facilitator ethics, standards and best practices
  • Explore the concept of circles being therapeutic not therapy

Module 4 

Temple Tools

  • How to incorporate temple tools such as; musical instruments, art supplies, oracle cards, crystals 
  • How to create Altars & Centrepiece for your circles
  • Incorporating food and drinks into your circle 

Module 5

Temple Space Creating a Sanctuary 

  • In this module we will cover what to look for when you are renting a space. We will cover indoor venues, outdoor venues and online platforms

Part 2 

 Ecstatic Dance Facilitator Training

Module 1

  • Ancient Roots of Ecstatic Dance, A Community Ritual 

Module 2

  • Gabriel Roth, Maps to Ecstasy and the 5rhythms the Mother of Ecstatic Dance 

Module 3

  • The Rise of Conscious Dance; Review of the most common types of conscious dance events currently practiced in the world and their commonalities 

Module 4

  • Ecstatic Dance Defined
  • Ecstatic dance structure explored
  • Community agreements and distinction of what makes ecstatic dance so special
  • Overview of how to create a safe dance container, create guidelines and boundaries so that both you and your participants can receive the medicine that they need. In this section we will also review typical scenarios, that you might come up with hosting ecstatic dance events

Module 5

  • Movement prompts and cues, warm-up exercise and cool down exercise, Somatic based reflection questions
  • How to support your community participants in developing and ecstatic dance practice.

Module 6

  • The Dance Journey; during this session we will exploring how different musical genres can come together to create a successful dance journey

Module 7

  • We will dive deep into the curation of an 90min & 60min dance arch; best practices, as well as the do's and don’ts.  
  • In this section we will also cover where to and how to find music!

Module 8

  • Virtual dj software basics, learn how to cue and mix songs together to help make your ecstatic dance journeys seamless. 

Part 3 

Weaving it all together 

In this section you will learn about:

  • The power of group intention setting and how to use themes to create your circle programming
  • Get clear about why you are holding women's ecstatic dance circles and who they intended for
  • We will explore limiting beliefs that may be in the way of you stepping into the roll of facilitator
  • Discover how to use your special type of magic, i.e. your personal journey and skill sets to create your own incredible offering for women

Part 4


Requirements for completion of this training requires that you submit a written outline for a 60min and 90min ecstatic dance.

Submit mixes one of 60mins and the other of 90mins .

Host a virtual ecstatic dance circle that will be observed by Liz

Full details of what is required will be outlined in the training.

What you will receive from this training :

  • 40 hours of training 
  • Access to 4 sample playlists and themes that you can use for your circles
  • 50 songs to start building your music library with 
  • One 60 min coaching sessions with Liz to be used during the training or post training to support you in stepping into your roll of facilitator. 
  • Access to facebook group, where you will be able to connect with other facilitators and liz to receive inspiration, support and accountability. 
  • Become part of a rotaing list of guest djs that hosts dances part of the Dance Temple Community
  • Dance Temple Manual

Mandatory for successful completion of this course:

  • 80% attendance of sessions
  • completion and submission of module homework assignments
  • submission of music mixes and written ecstatic dance outlines
  • observation of virtual dance by Liz
  • Regular participation at conscious dance events, and submission of dance journal


$495 in full or two payments of $299. $100 non-refundable deposit must be made in order to secure your spot, the deposit will be deducted from your total payment. 

To Register and find out upcoming training dates email [email protected]